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Join My Tooth Center’s In-House Premier Dental Plan

Affordable Dental Coverage for you and your entire family!

Procedures that are included with Dental plan copayment
Preventive Dental Care
with no charge

Digital X-Rays (every 6 month) 
Adult Cleaning (every 6 months)
Child Cleaning (every 6 months)

Flouride Treatment for children (every 6 months)


Periodontics 20% Off

Periodontal Maintenance


Fillings 20% off
Orthodontics 20% Off

1 Surface (composite/tooth-colored)

2 Surfaces (composite/tooth-colored)

3 Surfaces (composite/tooth-colored)

4 Surfaces (composite/tooth-colored)


Cosmetic Dentistry 20% Off

Cosmetic Whitening


Crowns/Bridges 20% Off

Porcelain Crown (per unit)

Gold Crown (per unit)

Low Cost Dental Plan
Now you can join our low-cost dental plan for a nominal membership fee. Our plan entitles you to preventive dental care at no cost! Corrective services are available for small co-payments that are far less than the usual, customary fees. Our professional staff is qualified to care for all of your dental needs! 
Start Saving Today!

• Co-payments must be paid at the time of service.


• Any service not paid at the time of service will be billed at usual & customary fees.


• Valid for one year from date of sign-up.

Our Plan Includes the Following Services at No Charge:

• Digital X-Rays (Once every 6 months)

• Cleaning (Prophylaxis) (Once every 6 months, twice per calendar year)

• Fluoride Treatment for Children (Under the age of 18, once every 6 months)

• Oral cancer screening 

To enroll, simply call or visit our office today!


*Monthly payment plan is available to patients providing direct deposit or credit card access. Patients agree that My Tooth Center fees stated must be paid at the time services are rendered. Any service not paid at the time of service will be billed at usual & customary fees. Plan fees are valid only when paid at the time of enrollment. All family members must reside in the same household. This is not an insurance product.

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